Taken as a whole, Pacquiao vs Bradley 24/7 Episode 1,2,3,4 is a good introduction to casual boxing fans as to who Timothy Bradley is, and is also a short documentary to Pacquiao’s deepening religious beliefs. Viewed separately however, each Road to Pacquiao/Bradley episode is not strong enough to sustain the casual boxing fans attention.

Timothy Bradley is portrayed as a young, hungry fighter given a chance to prove his mettle against a great boxing icon. We get to see how he spends time with his family. Bradley also is taking this fight seriously as evidence of hard training that produces his muscular body. We also saw some sparring session as to what Bradley strategy on the upcoming fight: counterpunching with side to side movement. One obvious fact through: Pacquiao is the star in this fight, Bradley is not.

Hardcore Pacquiao fans will not see much in this series of 24/7, except for his newly strengthened religious fervor. We also see a discord among the Team Pacquiao, as Roach and Ariza has a difference of opinion pertaining to Ariza’s schedules and priorities. But apart from that, there’s nothing new here that Pacquiao fans already knows.

Overall, a solid 24/7 series, but lacking the extra punch that was showcased from the best of Pacquiao’s past 24/7 series.

Here's a clip from the official HBO Sports youtube channel:

24/7 Road to Pacquiao/Bradley - Finale Preview

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