Pacquiao vs Hatton Sky Box Office Big Fight Countdown

Pacquiao vs. Hatton Sky Box Office Big Fight Countdown.

Ricky Hatton's megafight with Manny Pacquiao is a few days away, and the excitement continues this Wednesday with the first of Sky Box Office Big Fight Countdown programs.

Glenn McCrory joins Dave Clark in the studio while Ian Darke and Jim Watt, who are calling the fight on the night, is on video link from Las Vegas.

Sky Boxing Office review Hatton's return to form against Paulie Malignaggi which put him in pole position to take on Filipino phenomenon Pacquiao for the right to be called pound-for-pound king.

And they meet the fans there to support their fighters in Vegas, with Hatton's usual army of Brits not having it all their own way given Pacquiao's popularity on the strip.

Neither man's trainer has been circumspect in the build-up, and they took a close look at the comments coming from the Floyd Mayweather Snr. and Freddie Roach camps.

Also on the Saturday agenda is Danny Williams' British heavyweight title defence against John McDermott in Sunderland, and Glenn will run the rule over that one as well as Jamie Moore's first European light-middlweight title defence and Tony Jeffries' second fight as a pro.

Pacquiao vs. Hatton Sky Box Office Big Fight Countdown
6.30pm & 8pm, Wednesday, Sky Sports 2

Pacquiao vs Hatton
MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Saturday, May 2
Live on Sky Box Office, Ch743
Live on Sky Box Office HD, Ch 752
Call 08442 410888

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  1. Anonymous ( May 2, 2009 at 7:20 PM )

    i wish ur gonna lose pacman....................

    alfonso ( May 2, 2009 at 9:01 PM )

    He just WON what a shame for hatton

    Anonymous ( May 3, 2009 at 7:36 AM )

    I love Pac-Man he is the best next to Mario bros.

    Anonymous ( May 6, 2009 at 8:48 PM )

    we love pacman he is a humble guy he did not talk too much,, just do his job.. good man always win.. we know that he help a lot of people in the phil... You guys that don't like pacquiao i feel sorry for you,,, if ever he loss his fight for somebody,, it will be ok because he rich his goal to be the best,, he is a legend,, so this is the lesson to those peole that talk too much.. do the job first before you talk like a chicken ass.. god bless pacman..longleave the king...

    Anonymous ( May 6, 2009 at 9:05 PM )

    comment # 1 i feel sorry for you.. you cannot accept defeat,,and that fight hatton was show some dirty strategy.. it means he is not a better fighter..

    Anonymous ( May 7, 2009 at 7:47 PM )

    poor commentator!!!unbelievable
    farce. say your words with a grain of salt next time.

    Anonymous ( May 8, 2009 at 2:00 PM )

    I am truly proud of Manny's achievements and always making a point to say "para sa bayan ko ang laban kong ito"

    On the other hand I am saddened to see some Filipino who became more "mayabang" in words and actions after every victory of Pacquiao

    Although not completely flawless himself, we should take Manny's lead to be humble kahit saan man or ano man ang ating narating

    He's been truly a pride of the Filipino people.

    Proud as we are of him, sana hindi lang tuwing laban ni Pacquiao walang crime. Sana hindi lang tuwing laban ni Pacquiao tayo nag kakaisa.

    My prayers are with Manny and his family to keep them safe always.

    God Bless You Manny for giving the Filipinos honor and you truly earned our kababayans respect all over the world.

    It humbles and warms my heart to say I'm Filipino and then people connect my heritage to a Great, Humble and Gracious fighter like Manny Pacquiao!

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay at pag palain ka ng Poong Maykapal Manny Pacquiao!!!

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Anonymous ( May 9, 2009 at 2:10 AM )

    MANNY PACQUIAO is truly the best fighter ever live in the whole Universe,he wants always have the fare fight with his opponents,as he always says:"NOTHING IS PERSONAL,I JUST WANT TO DO MY JOB INSIDE THE RING AND I WANT THE PEOPLE TO BE HAPPY." In a very humble manner which is one the Filipino characters to be humble and respectful all the time.Carry on PACMAN!we salute you as one of the Filipino Heroes.

    Anonymous ( May 12, 2009 at 2:30 AM )

    good job manny!stay humble as you are!and you can help other people by inspiring them with your being filipino!we love you manny!we are proud of you!

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